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    Engage your customers dramatically

    • Identify your best accounts
    • Obtain valuable insights
    • Target the right people
    • Improve customer retention

    Score sales without remains

    • Clarify sales prospects
    • Capture profitable deals
    • Identify sale trends
    • Reduce the cost of sales

    Leverage performance and forecasting

    • Focus on smooth processes
    • Cross-colaborate with coworkers
    • Pinpoint powerful insights
    • Improve work efficiency


    Successfully tested key approach



    Making sure to understand the thinnest lines of your current processes and requirements, our initial goal is to jump-start with as much as information as we can. Afterwards, your inputs are processed in our salesforce consulting lab, while you take care of other things.



    While working on projects, we never underestimate role of software architect. We won’t encourage you to use products which are not suitable for your IT ecosystem. In fact, we will find the right one for your business or suggest you to go ride another horse.


    Salesforce configuration

    Our group of professionals will redefine your way of using Salesforce, unfold a way to make it more user friendly and follow you up with new software possibilities.



    For seamless user-adoption, our already prepared manual will folllow you as you go through. We are also ready to give trainings and empower users for software adoption.

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